Friday, August 15, 2014

Season 6 - Episode 3 - 5th Grade

Yesterday was Thursday, the first day of school. The day before that, me and my mom made lemon-zucchini bread to give to our new teachers.  So on the first day of school, I picked the prettiest rose in our flower bed and put it in a small box with the bread and two small packs of tissues and two pretty yarn crafts shaped like a heart and a star that I made myself.  Then I gave them to my teacher, Mrs. Kimbell.  And she loved it all.  I also gave one to Mrs. Bechdol, the librarian, because my mom said to because she works hard in the PTA.
I found out Mrs. Kimbell only whispers when she talks.  She never raises her voice any higher.  I wish I was like that.  (and so does my mom!)  She never gets angry at anyone.  What a change from 4th grade!
We discussed the rules, she showed us how to have lunch, and we took a timed math test with only 5 minutes to do 100 multiplication problems.  I skipped all the 12's cause I don't know the 12's.  I'll have to work on those.  I got 84 out of 100 of the problems.  One boy got all 100 correct and one of the other girls only missed 1.
Then we came home on the bus and I told my mom all about my first day.  And then my dad came home and I told him all about my first day too.  We had dinner and had delicious hamburgers that my dad grilled.
Today was the second day.  Mrs. Kimbell showed us how to make an awesome poster about ourselves.  My poster's title was "All About Me".  And that's exactly what it was about.  I like to write about myself, because I'm awesome.  Now my teacher can know me and what I like to do and what I don't like to do.  Some of the things I put about myself are: My favorite color is purple; My favorite food is Asian Lettuce Wraps (and my teacher loves them too); My favorite subject is math...and science.  Fun, Fun, Fun.  It asked what my favorite TV show was and I don't have one, because I like a bunch.
I had a great lunch.  In Kindergarten I wasn't able to have lunchables, but now my mom lets us have lunchables...sometimes.  I love the nacho kind, especially when it has nerds.
We came home on the bus and I was really sweaty.  I told my mom all about my second day.  And I told her everything because Mrs. Kimbell is very awesome...just like me.
This is going to be a great year,  YIPPY!!!
Here's me on the first day.

Adam is in 1st grade and Cassidee is in 3rd grade.
We give a present to our new teachers on the first day of school every year.

I had the same bus driver, Miss Elizabeth, every year from Kindergarten to 5th grade.
(p.s. I actually hate riding the bus everyday, but don't tell her that.)

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